Changes are a coming

Just like the title says… For those with a keen eye, you might have noticed a new page added: Worth The Price. I mentioned before an IR western series that I will be working on. This will be the first book in the series. Yes it’s already written 🙂 This is my first foray into something a little less erotic, yet hot and brimming with emotions. For those who enjoy category style romances, I hope this will be right up your alley. So because I’m a shameless tease, that all I can divulge for now.

In other news. I’m still editing To Love A Stranger. Editing was a bit slow this week, as the kids were home for three days on holiday. I do hope to have it completed and sent off to Evernight Publishing within the next two weeks.

The hubby is at work, getting ready to design a website for me. (At least I hope that’s what he’s in his office doing right) Not sure when that will be up and running, but I’m excited. Guess I’ll seem more professional now…hmm.

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