Worth The Price teaser

Not much going on here today, still editing. (what’s new) So instead of just leaving the blog empty I decided to share a snippet of a conversation between Danika Prescott and her father, from Worth The Price. Oh and I think I’ll be getting cover art pretty soon!!!

She rolled her eyes. “He’s not the devil incarnate, daddy. He’s just trying to run his ranch and make a living like everyone else around here.”

“Then since you’re both such good friends, why don’t you tell Sharpe no one wants him around. Let him find somewhere else in Montana to operate his cattle ranch.” His eyes raked over her and narrowed with suspicion. “What business could you possibly have with Sharpe, anyway?”

“It’s private.”

“Private eh?” He shook his head and looked upward as if he was praying for an infusion of patience. “Dani, listen to me. I know you haven’t been out on a lot of dates like most girls your age. Part of it is my fault because of how overprotective I’ve been. You can’t fault me though. You’re my only child, so on this I need you to listen to me good. Sharpe is trouble, you hear me? I’d hate for you to let that snake sweet talk you into—”

“You’re being ridiculous,” she snapped. It also went to show how little he knew of Brandon. From the conversation she had with him a while ago, Danika had the feeling Brandon didn’t have a clue about women, much less how to sweet talk.

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