Slowness and update

Hey guys, sorry to say, I didn’t make me goal of sending off the freebie story to Evernight. I still have a few more pages to edit. I’m still waiting to receive cover art for Worth The Price and I’ll post that as soon as it comes in (and if I like it of course) Hopefully that will arrive soon, because I have the blurb that I would also like to post along with it.

Apart from that, things have been great. Kids and I are doing well. I’m still nagging my husband every day about when I’ll have my website, lol.

Weather is still funky as ever. Yesterday I got up, sunshine pouring in through the windows, bright blue skies. I was like “Yesss” Put on my shorts and got my youngest dressed in shorts and sandals too. We went outside…It’s dark, cold, with rain clouds moving in. Oh my God. I didn’t even have time to change and felt so dumb walking down the streets. Okay, so dropped off kid 1 at Daycare, came back home, changed into pants, got kid 2 dressed in pants also, dropped him off at Kindergarten.

Thunderstorm starts. Few hours later, it’s hot outside, had to change back into shorts, picked up kid 2 first, poor guy is running around outside with his friends, sweating from the heat in his long pants and long sleeve shirt. I just can’t win. And now I now why travel agencies are still such big businesses here. There’s a travel agent on just about every street. Everyone wants to get away!

6 thoughts on “Slowness and update

  1. Anilsa says:

    Last week I had a trip to Frankfurt it rain the whole time I was there, I have to say German food totally made up for the weather the dinner was delicious and won’t tell you how many pastries I had for breakfast. Anyway summer will be over before you know so enjoy for few sunny days.

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