Changing reading taste

For a long time, I wasn’t able to do much reading. So when I took my break earlier this year, I made myself a promise to try and get more reading done, because of how much I missed it. I’m talking as a teenager (with no life) I used to get through 5-6 romance novels each week, maybe even more. The librarians knew me, and I was always a little embarrassed that they were talking about me behind my back. “There goes that geek again, leaving with her bag full of books” type of thing.

Most of my favorite books at the time, were about millionaires and billionaires. Hey it was a nice fantasy. So as I’m buying more books from Amazon, I started to realize something, and it’s something that’s also affected my own writing. I like real men. I mean, just like the average guy. I just can’t bring myself to buy a book now if I see that the guy is filthy rich. Last time I tried that, my kids got scared, cause I started shouting at the book and was mumbling a lot. I think I had to put away the book after the 100th time the author tried to shove it down my throat about how rich the hero was and how well and fast he could drive his stick shift luxury car, which impressed the hell out of the heroine. Cue the eye rolling. Thanks but no thanks.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against writing or reading about rich men, just as long as the constant reminder isn’t there about how much he has in the bank and that’s the only thing he has going for him. All I’m saying is, there’s also something rewarding and unique about reading about an average Joe who knows how to treat a woman well. And I suppose that’s the difference between me at 28 years old (yes, yes, age) and the starry eyes teenager I used to be. Reading and writing habits and taste are always evolving and I’m just glad there are so many writers out there putting out all type of stories. To each their own!!

End of insane rambling. Back to editing.

7 thoughts on “Changing reading taste

  1. Julia Rachel Barrett says:

    I didn’t read romance until 5 years ago. But I too like the average guy. In fact I avoid books that have the words millionaire or billionaire in the title. Maybe it’s a princess fantasy… but I’ve never shared it.

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