Garden pics.

View of hubby’s grill stand.

Raise of hand. How many people hate it when they write something and lose it all! Thank you WordPress. I wrote up a really long post with pics and everything and completely lost it.

Dark skies on a summer’s day.

So here goes again in a short version. Last week my husband and I spent more time working on the garden. I mentioned before that I finished the freebie. I didn’t get to give it another look over, so I’m doing that tonight, then off to EP.

Still working on revisions for WTP. I complain all the time about my lack of well…time. I know it seems I’m being very slow. I am. I don’t know how to change that for now. By the end of the day, I’m worn down and dead tired. Screams, whining, referring fights between two little boys. It’s all exhausting and a part of motherhood. Like my five year old son told me a few weeks ago, he’s going to be a man soon, a man with a beard (I have no idea why, but this kid is intent on having a beard when he gets older) so, a man with a beard and his own family. I asked him if he’ll come visit me then, his answer, “Yes, but not every day.” Well, alrighty then.

I’m stressed, but I love being a mom and it makes me sad to think of that day when my boys are men and no longer my babies. As all you other moms out there know, it’s tough, but we gotta roll with it and enjoy these days. That’s what I’m trying to do. Damn, did I say this was supposed to be short???? Anyway, here are a few pics of our ‘garden’.

Old stones.

Grapes growing wild.

Entrance view. Can see how old this place is.

5 thoughts on “Garden pics.

    • delilahhunt says:

      We planted some berries and other veggies too, but in plastic containers. It’s nice to have the garden but not the same when it’s not exactly your property.But for now, I’m happy. I bet your garden will look amazing when you get at it.

  1. Shyla Colt says:

    The garden is looking great Delilah, and I hear you about the little ones. My eldest, and two, and I’m all ready saying the time is going too fast.

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