Beautiful Trouble Publishing Blog Talk Radio

I mentioned this a few days and now I have more details. The lovely ladies at Beautiful Trouble Publishing there are making an exception for me time wise, so instead of their usual Slumper Party blog talk, I’m scheduled to do some chatting of my own from 2pm-3.30 pm EST. So if anyone wants to call in and ask me a question, please do! Though I am quite nervous about it! (Painfully shy and all) Anywhoo- This is the phone number 760-454-8856. Blog Talk Radio.

And for anyone who hasn’t checked. I’ve added a page for To Love A Stranger with the blurb. I’m still waiting for more details to give to you all on that. When I return from vacation I will finish up my edits for WTP, it’s just a bit I have left to do and then get started on the sequel for Riding The Storm. And tomorrow for me is no working day, gotta dedicate that to getting my hair all spruced up. Gonna pop in a DVD, sit down and get these fingers to work re-twisting my locks. Sooo not looking forward to it.

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