Be back in a bit

I’m scatterbrained. I forgot to mention that my vacation would start a few days later than I planned. So since I’ll be away for 10 days, I just wanted to leave you all with the link for that Blog Talk Radio I did over at Beautiful Trouble Publishing, for anyone who wants to hear it. I believe the words ‘young and innocent’ were used to describe my voice. I really did find that hilarious because that’s what everyone who first meets me in real life say, haha. I haven’t listened to the broadcast, because I just know I’ll cringe hearing my own voice and silly giggles.

Also, Evernight Publishing gave me a tentative release month for the To Love A Stranger is August. Hopefully I’ll have edits waiting in my inbox when I return for that. And when I get back, I’ll send in my edits to my editor for Worth The Price. And that’s that for writing.

Oldest son had his last in Kindergarten (Pre-school) when he goes back at the end of August he’ll be a ‘Vorschulkind’ He’s really excited about that, cause it means it will be his last year in Kindergarten where they prepare him for Grundschule (Elementary School) He’ll jump right into the first grade. My other son, Blake, also had his last day in daycare, at the end of August he’ll be in Kindergarten with Brent, both of them in the same room. Oh boy!!! Not too sure how that will swing, but the teachers think it should be fine. Lets’s see.

And…in the meantime, we will be here in Mallorca, enjoying some fun in the sun, because right now it’s dark and cloudy outside, with cold winds threatening to knock us over. 

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