Back from Vacation

I’m back and feel so much better than ever. We all had a wonderful time. Lots of sunshine-what I wanted the most. The place we stayed at, Sa Bassa Plana was beautiful. Best hotel I’ve ever stayed at, not in terms of splendor though. It was all very low key, simple with just a few staff members out in the country. It’s an old farm converted into an agri-hotel. There were deers, ostrich, chickens, rabbits, turtles and peacocks there. The kids loved it. We’d be sitting outside eating and a hen and her chicks would walk up and the kids would start breaking off pieces of bread for them. Every evening we fed the deers and ostrich after a day a day of exploring and hanging out at the beach. Overall it was a wonderful time, made even better with hubby’s family along. Hope we can do it again next year!

And because it’s Monday, work day. I’ve jumped back into edits for WTP. I’m reading through it and it’s one of those things where it’s like if no one else lies it, I know for a fact I do. So I’m really proud of it and should 100% have it ready to send to my editor by Friday. Then I’ll relax even more, have fun with the kids who are home for three more weeks and just have a fun time writing the next two books, waiting for my EP cover for To Love A Stranger and edits. I really hope everyone else is enjoying their summer-safe and carefree šŸ™‚

ImageP.S Hubby took all the pics on his fancy camera (which I’ve been rightly banned from holding because of clumsiness) I’ll upload a few pics sometime this week.Ā 

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