Vacation pics

I mentioned before that I would share some pics from our fabulous vacation, so here goes. Don’t mind the sunglasses. I looked like a raccoon without them, because the second day we got there I laid out in the sun for hours hoping to get as dark as possible to even out my skin tone. I loved it, except for the marks around my eyes. I don’t usually like to share pics of my kiddies, but since I talk about them so much, I thought just one would be okay.


6 thoughts on “Vacation pics

  1. Ayana@AreCafeauLait says:

    Delilah, your pictures are breath taking, What a beautiful family you have. Your boys are so handsome. I am so glad you were able to take time for yourself and your kids. Girl when I read your books now I have a face behind the author. LOL! 🙂

    • delilahhunt says:

      Aw. Thank you. Yeah, it was just a very relaxing time for us and it made it even easier for me to jump back into work. I always loved seeing pics of some of my fave authors too, but most of them I realized were VERY old, lol.

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