Wednesday Return

What a week! I can happily say both my kiddies are in preschool. No more daycare. I have big boys now, lol. First day went okay, the little one only cried after I left, so I was told by my older son since they’re both in the same preschool class.

Yesterday was a different story. He cried on the way. I said, “But Kindergarten is fun. I saw you playing yesterday and mommy has to work.”

He looks at me, stomps his feet. “But you DON’T have to work.”

Well Damn. Normally I would feel guilty, but I don’t, because I know he actually will have more being in school with his big brother and so many other kids than being at home watching me clean and all those other boring mom stuff.  So now we fall back into routine: after school P.E, music class and soccer. *drops head*

And now for the writing business… Worth The Price, there’s no way I can have it released in August, so it will be a September release. I still can’t guarantee a date yet because this is my first time doing it on *my own* so to speak, although I’ve had tremendous guidance so far. I want to make sure everything is as it should be before I put it out for sale. But what I can say is, it should be about 58,000 give or take some words depending on editorial recommendations. I will post an official excerpt as soon as I can and any other info I can provide!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Return

  1. Alyssandra Foster says:

    Aww he will get used to it soon, well i hope so anyway. Good luck with the release i’m looking forward to celebrating for you! 🙂

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