Self Pubbing & Distribution

With release day almost two weeks ahead, I’ve had a lot to think about in terms of what I hope to accomplish with venturing out on my own, so to speak. I love writing, but the fact of the matter is, I want to make a living from this, so I can keep doing it without wondering if I’m wasting valuable time away from my family for nothing. Well not really nothing, because like I said I do enjoy writing and would not ever want to stop. But there’s writing for pleasure, which requires much less time, and writing as a career, which requires countless amounts of hours.

My point in mentioning all of this, well that has to do with distribution of my future self pubbed books. I’ve decided that for now I will stick with making my book available on Amazon for an exclusive 90 days. After the 90 days are over, I will place the book on ARe. This wasn’t an easy decision, because, I hate the thought of excluding anyone based on e-reader type, but when I look at the numbers and the current trends of distributor sites, it was almost a no brainer. I won’t even mention Smashwords, B&N and the other distributors, because in truth my books hardly make a bump on those sites.

The fact of the matter is, I want to reach as many readers as I can and from figures of my prior books, I feel safe to say right now Amazon KDP Select is the way to go for me. And because I would hate for anyone without a Kindle to not be able to read my books, I will make them DRM Free. I’m no techie, but have been told with a free software such as Calibre, you can convert ebooks formatted for Kindle to whichever format your e-reader accepts and voila! Here’s an article I found online about this process Converting a Kindle Book to Nook (or I suppose Kobo or any other out there)

So in reality, no one is being excluded. It’s just one extra step for non Kindle users to go through if they want to read my books. I’m really sorry about having to do that guys, as the buying and reading experience should be as easy as possible, but this is the only way for me to try and see just how open the possibilities are for me to reach new as many new readers as I can without sacrificing my loyal non Kindle readers. Hope you all understand.

12 thoughts on “Self Pubbing & Distribution

  1. foosrock! says:

    Happy and sad news. I’m an ebook reader. Very loyal one at that, so this news is to my detriment in terms of patience. Glad you’ve found a way to bring more profits your way. Viel Glück!

  2. Melissa Kyeyune says:

    Hi Delilah. Your e-strategy is understable although of course it does reduce the number of traditional readers a bit.
    However… people without kindles can download the ‘Kindle for PC’ or ‘Kindle for Mac’ free program, from You can read any Kindle enabled book there. Or as you said, download Calibre for free so that you can read ANY e-book format on your PC.

    • foosrock! says:

      Hi Melissa, happy to see you here!
      I’ve downloaded NOOK, but can’t buy NOOK ebooks to use on this apparat here in Europe. Will kindle be the same?

      • delilahhunt says:

        I don’t have a Nook, but I don’t understand why books wouldn’t be available for Nook in Europe. I live in Germany and have a kindle, it doesn’t restrict me from buying books. I’m sorry you feel frustrated by all this, but it still is possible to buy books from Amazon, mine or any other author you prefer. Download the book to your pc and simply convert the file using Calibre. I’ve heard it takes less than five minutes to do before you’re reading whichever book you’d like.

  3. foosrock! says:

    You know what?. I’m fustrated as heck with all this technology and will defer from buying any more ebooks. Just too mind boggling!. Isn’t technology suppose to be easier?. Big fat lie!. Giving up!

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