Release Day!!!!

Whew. After straightening out a few glitches, I just checked the Amazon page and saw that everything is now as it should be!!! Thanks to everyone who contacted me. You all are too amazing.

So… Happy Release to Worth The Price and let’s hear it for Brandon and Danika!!! Hope you all like the book. Have a great weekend everyone. I have a busy day ahead getting ready for a wedding tomorrow. Hubby’s cousin is getting married, so it’ll be a day of fun.

6 thoughts on “Release Day!!!!

  1. Cleo says:

    So happy for you Delilah! What an amazing job you have done on these two characters. You always know how connect the H/H with your audience. I think this is your best work to date. Their story was believable, and the novel was long enough for the reader not feel rushed, ans we could invest in the story line. Thank you so very much! Congrats! Every time I read one of your novels, you exceed expectations! Thank you again!

  2. foosrock! says:

    Agree. Amazing. Especially Brandon. You didn’t make him a jerk, which tends to happen when characters have issues they carry into their adulthood. Instead you made me fall in love with him as he worked out his issues becoming the man that Danika saw. Oooo, and Dankia. What a chick. So beautiful and sincere. Not to be arrogant, but she sounds like me. Too trusting, what some calle naive.

    Great job!

    • delilahhunt says:

      Brandon was just too hurt to ever be a jerk. All he wanted was a woman to overlook his flaws and Danika was just the girl for the job. Sometimes it’s good to be a bit naive, it’s just those darn people who take advantage of it, like a Mr. Prescott for one, lol.

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