Worth The Price for Free on Amazon

Thank you to all who have shown your support for Worth The Price. You all rock. And in saying this, I have to let you all know that from Tuesday, the 17th until Sunday the 22nd, Worth The Price will be free.

Why am I putting it up for free? The simple truth is, I made the switch to self pubbing and using Amazon alone, just so I could use this opportunity to reach a wider audience. At this point, it’s kind of like nothing to lose. My books are doing okay, but can they do better? That’s the question. As I type this, I feel like a disclaimer needs to be made: Do not trust Amazon Bestselling list as a way of telling how well an author is doing. PLEASE DON’T! I honestly have no idea how they make their call on that.

Anyways, my books can do a lot better than they have been doing. In fact, they need to do 100% better for me to continue writing IR romance, simply because of the strain this places on other duties I have. I’m still in ‘hobby’ territory and there is no justification for so much time spent on writing. At least not in this genre, which for me seems like I am stuck behind a door, where there are lots of readers waiting, but for some reason I cannot reach.

So once again, to everyone who has been so supportive to not just myself but all the other writers, especially IR writers, thank you.

9 thoughts on “Worth The Price for Free on Amazon

  1. Renee says:

    What about posting on facebook? I think there is a group for IR romance novelists. I know some other authors have been complaining a bit about terrible sales. I personally love your novels and have almost all of them.

  2. delilahhunt says:

    Hi Renee. For me, I don’t think FB helps. I was one FB for a year and saw the same averages. I got off FB but I know my friends post my books on there. So, it doesn’t help that much. At this point I am about ready to throw in the towel. I can’t keep dedicating so much time into writing these books, when the readership is too small to justify time/effort and money spent into producing an ebook. I love IR and my faithful readers but I just don’t know at this point if I will continue to write these books. Thanks for the suggestion, however. It was very thoughtful of you.

  3. Zuhira Ahmad says:

    I can’t pretend to know anything about what it takes to be a IR romance writer but I do know that your work is great. It’s just a matter for outreach and advertising. I have read almost all your books and recently finished Worth the Price. I think it was amazing and I loved it. It sucks that you are considering the idea of not writing and I would hate for you to leave something that you’re clearly good at. I hope you can work something out and continue writing. Good Luck!

    • delilahhunt says:

      Thanks Zuhira. You’re right, it is a matter of outreach but it is very hard. Especially when I see the hundreds and thousands of copies of my books that have been downloaded by pirates, who I’m sure consider themselves my “fans” For the true supporters like yourself and for my love of writing IR, I will try not to lose faith, but I’m no longer keeping my hopes up. Whatever decision I make, I will not stop writing romance, however. Even if it isn’t IR, I will continue with my passion.

      • delilahhunt says:

        Renee, this is the thing that just about every author has to deal with. It is extremely hard to go after pirates because they are very good at hiding. As soon as a book gets taken down, they put it right back up. Going after individual pirates isn’t the key, it is the websites that needs to be taken down, but even that is a challenge. All I want them to know is, they should not consider themselves ‘fans’ of any author if they think stealing from the author is all right. Sorry for the long story, lol.

  4. Anilsa says:

    Hi Ms hunt loved WTP and hope you keep writing IR, I also hope and pray people start seeing ebook piracy for what it is stealing, Most decent human beings wouldn’t steal a book from a store or make copies of book for others.
    I believe that there is a big audience out there, but lately the quality IR is lacking and readers are cautious. Is fair to you or other writers who put out a good products? No. I was checking my order history on Amazon I’ve bought over forty IR in the past year alone how many are worth a second read less than ten. I’m still a fan but I’m very cautious I stick with authors I know and read reviews and sample first on those I don’t. And i’m especially weary around indie and blame that on piracy, good authors aren’t getting paid so they are jumping ship, readers are stuck with

    • delilahhunt says:

      I am trying to stick with it Anilsa. But it is just disheartening that after nine books, nothing has improved, if anything sales have gotten worse. That is not a good sign. Some of it has to do with piracy, and most I suspect is that readers are leery of spending their money on something they are scared will not be good. Either way, the author still has to pay a price. Sometimes it all just boils down to time+effort. I’m very close to the point where I wonder if it is all worthwhile, but for now I am sticking with it. So, let’s see. But thank you soo much for your words of encouragement and explanation of what goes on in the mind of readers.

  5. Anilsa says:

    Sorry I press post by accident, so what i’m trying to say is give it time you’ll build your audience there is a lot IR but very few that are worth their price no pun indented lol just type IR on amazon and see what I’m talking about.

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