Free Promo Update.

Well, guys. I’ve learned a bunch of things since I started the Free Promo yesterday.  Let’s see… this Promo was supposed to last for 5 days. However, I will be ending it today. Let’s just say, I’ve come to the conclusion that the audience IS out there. I originally planned to let this last until Sunday under the belief that it would take a few days before the book was found for most people to download. In only a few hours of putting the book up for free, I was getting more copies downloaded than I ever expected, thought possible, in such a short amount of time.

So why am I ending it now? The downloads have started to slow down, as of this afternoon (my time) In terms of promo it seems pointless to continue and I’d like to end this on a high note. I hope everyone who has downloaded the book will give it a read. Please, if you like the books, I would appreciate a review on Amazon and perhaps you all might find any of my other titles of interest. Thanks.

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