Monday Snippet

I didn’t get to post this on Friday, so here it is. Another peak at Zoe and Austin from the pages of my rough (really rough) draft. I cleaned up these sentences a bit, however.

She rolled her eyes. “Is that your way of charming me again?”

Austin raised his brows in surprise. He’d assumed he’d have to find some slick way of bringing their conversation back around. “Would it help then if I told you how sexy you look in that apron?”

Her hand tightened on the spoon as she continued stirring. “It wouldn’t because I’d know you were lying. I think it was somewhere around the time you called me a stick figure that I got the message loud and clear.”

“You should have socked me in the mouth.”

She issued him a quick glance then shrugged. “Hmm. I should have. Funny how I don’t hear any denials from you, though. I know you have to be getting some sort of pleasure out of this, but I don’t buy it. You’ll never convince me that you’re still attracted to me. It’s just not possible.” 

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