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Well, the comp is running, so here I am again. I didn’t get anything done this week on my WIP obviously. Today though, I want to talk about something that I’ve ben asked about quite frequently. Why can’t most of my books be found in paperback. This is an issue facing many e-pub authors. I will be honest and say I was never that concerned about it, because while I used to love reading paperbacks, once I got my Kindle, I was no longer concerned about ordering and waiting for a paperback to be delivered. But there are people out there who still cherish the feel and smell of paperback. I totally understand that!

As for my books, I can only say that it is out of my control. Worth The Price is my first self pubbed book and the only one in which I have total control. My publishers decide when and if a book goes into paperback format. With Evernight I believe that only book I have that is available in paperback is Love Unspoken. This decision was based on word count and sales. My Siren book Wyoming Triple Heat is also available in paperback, again based on those same criteria as LU.

I am currently in the process of trying to get Worth The Price in paperback form. I would love to have this option available sometime before the end of the year. Any subsequent books that I self pub will also go into paperback (If I figure it out). Now they won’t be available in bookstores, because only the big New York based publishers and a few of the e-publishing companies with a lot of resources and clout have that option available for their authors. When I get the books in paperback format, then I imagine they will be available for sure on Amazon. Other stores, I am not 100% sure of, however, simple because I’m still trying to figure out how CreateSpace operates, (Which is the company I will probably use) So bear with me and in time I’ll get there. 

3 thoughts on “Paperback Books

  1. Fiza says:

    I hope everyhting works out for you. In the meantime I will make sure I grab my copy of Love Unspoken & Wyoming Triple Heat from amazon.

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