As many of you have noticed, I took quite a long break away from writing. I apologize anyone who has written to me during the years and did not receive a reply. My hiatus from writing was 100% withdrawal from the publishing world to focus on my delightful children. So after having my third child and lots of wonderful experiences, I am happy to announce that my next book Someone To Call My Own will be available in August from Twisted E-Publishing. More details to come.

In other news: As for my Hart’s Fall series, those books are currently on hold. I can’t restart or work on A Kiss Away until I fall back in love with the characters in order to give this book my all.

Snippet for Someone To Call My Own:

Liam could still hear that lowlife spouting all the reasons why he thought it was all right to hit her. “She’s a fucking nobody.” He’d pointed a dirty finger at her then, vehement in his justification. “That bitch right there. Castle. Yeah that’s her name. She’s a goddamn hooker. Fucks guys all day. Think it make a difference if I wanna get in on that too. C’mon man. You don’t wanna defend that ho’.”

Before the fucker spoke, Liam had been so enraged at witnessing the attack he hadn’t even taken the time to really look at the girl. All he’d seen was a woman in need of help. At the sound of that one word however, every muscle inside his body grew still. There was only one person in this entire world he’d ever known with such an unusual name.




5 thoughts on “News

  1. Stephanie Kelly says:

    This is fantastic news!! I’m so happy you are back and looking forward to the  August release of you new book. .

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