Happy New Year with a sneak peek of Falling For A Monster.

First and foremost I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. So many things happened in 2016, good, and of course some infamous, pretty horrible stuff.

I for one, however plan on making 2017 a great year and I’m sure you all will too. I intend to write more, and my greatest wish is that I can put out the second Hart’s Fall book. I haven’t returned to this book, because there have been other characters inside my head that have pushed for their story and when that happens I honestly just HAVE to do it, because it feels like I’ll explode if I don’t.

On the other hand I have to be honest and say sometimes, many times, actually I feel discouraged with putting out the things I write. Perhaps my taste doesn’t coincide with what what most people want to read. But…the fact is I love writing. So this year my resolution is to remember that the stories I write are the ones I, above all else wish to read. I can only write what’s in my heart and hope others will share in the happiness of the Happily Ever After for the characters I bring to life.

In saying this all of this, I’d like to introduce you all to Chase and Larke. The hero and heroine in my current Work in Progress, Falling For A Monster, which I plan to self publish after editing, editing, and tweaking until it’s ready.


Maybe she shouldn’t have been so bold, Larke decided a second later as his entire body tautened, bearing down on her. She flinched as Chase’s eyes went dead cold, frostier than his voice when he bit out. “You need to back the fuck up and remember who you’re talking to. Yeah, it’s nice and cozy for you to sit on your goddamned picnic blanket, acting like some know it all bitch. Judging me and my––”

“I’m not listening,” Larke interrupted, standing quickly. “We’re done here.” She grabbed up her bag and laptop, brushing past him.

His hand shot out, grabbing her by the elbow. “We’re done when I say we’re done.”

“Yet I shouldn’t be afraid of you,” she said, her gaze flashing from his hand on her arm to his face.

Chase dropped his hand to his side. “All right,” he muttered, the anger evaporating from his tone. “Listen, just relax. I didn’t come out here to argue or start anything with you.”

Didn’t come. Meaning, he’d purposely sought her out. As if this could have been a coincidence anyway. Emboldened by the obvious regret on his face, Larke stared at him, utterly confused about everything.

“How did you know I’d be here?”

He tilted his head to the side, avoiding her eyes.

So now he’s afraid to talk. Larke sighed. “Come on Chase. I need an answer. What is this? It’s all so weird. At least for me it is. I’m guessing it has to be for you too. I just want to know the real reason you waited around for me last week and why you’re here now?”

He shoved a hand through his low cut hair and let out a ragged breath, utterly filled with frustration. So deep, it overshadowed her own.

“I don’t know. I swear to God, I don’t know. I mean when I first saw you, I didn’t recognize you at first. It was basically you, this girl sitting there, that I couldn’t take my eyes off.” He squeezed his eyes as if it pained him to tell her these things. “I didn’t want to look at you, okay. You understand that. The things I was thinking, none of that should have been inside my head. When I realized who you were––heard your name and connected the dots. I don’t know… I just knew I wasn’t gonna leave until I talked to you. Had no idea what the hell I was gonna say, but I couldn’t let you leave like that, even if I was wondering if you belonged to that guy.”

“First I don’t belong to anyone and never will. Second…” Second she really didn’t know. There were too many questions. Most important, was Chase trying to say he was attracted to her? Needed her help, somehow? Larke drew in a deep breath, choosing to use her words carefully. Because words were her very best friend, right?

“Second, did you follow me here?”

“I did.”

Okay. Larke pursed her lips, surprised she wasn’t freaking out. “Do you also know where I live?”

He said nothing, simply giving a single nod as confirmation, though his eyes watched her carefully. Gauging her reaction.



6 thoughts on “Happy New Year with a sneak peek of Falling For A Monster.

  1. w. lee says:

    I love and enjoy your writings. Wishing you best in 2017 for your writing endeavors.
    I am always looking forward to reading your books and read all your books.

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