Flash Sale and Update

Today is my birthday. I’ve turned thirty-three. I still feel like a kid however, much to my husband’s dismay, lol. Twisted E-pub, my publisher for Someone To Call My Own has decided to do a one day sale on their site for this book. It will be on sale today for .99c. So now is the time to get a copy if you haven’t already.

Cupcakes with candles spelling the words "happy birthday"

I’m still editing my next book Falling For A Monster. I will post the cover art and blurb in a few days! Release date is still being decided, but hopefully will be in the beginning of February. As always thanks for the support. It is very much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Flash Sale and Update

  1. Maureen says:

    Happy Birthday dear girl! Oh to be 33 again, so long ago for some of us….Hope you and your family have a great day. All the best to you for a great year.

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