Falling For A Monster-Blurb

I’m still working on this book, editing and editing before I send it off to be copy edited by someone who actually has proper grammar (which I don’t). I thought I’d have the cover art to share but unfortunately I was told today that the person who was supposed to do it is no longer available. So, now it is being handled by another awesome designer and I hope to have something nice to share soon. In the meantime…


Viewed by many as a monster, Chase Hudson is a born and bred racist, who is unashamed of the twisted beliefs instilled in him as a boy growing up in the neo-Confederacy community founded by his grandfather. Chase accepts his lot and path in life by keeping to himself, knowing he can depend on and trust in no one but himself. Until his path crosses with Larke. The one person who has every reason in the world to despise him, but instead treats him like a man who is worthy of her compassion, trust and so much more.

Larke Taylor has never forgotten her harrowing encounter with the boy who’d threatened her harm at the tender age of nine. Thirteen years later, she is shocked and heartbroken to see the man Chase has become, after rejecting her innocent offer of friendship. His very presence frightens and intrigues her like nothing else. But beneath the hate-inspired tattoos telling her everything she needs to know about him, Larke finds it hard to deny all the other signs that speak to her heart. The ones telling her that Chase is much more than monster. He is a man deserving of love and way more than the life he leads, even if he doesn’t realize it.

As their relationship deepens, both are defenseless to defy their desire and all consuming need for the other. Larke knows while Chase is the only man who captivates and holds her heart, he is also the one person who has the power to shatter and burn it to ashes if he refuses to put her above his legacy of hate.

10 thoughts on “Falling For A Monster-Blurb

  1. La Wanna Parker says:

    Wow! I can’t wait to read this story. When can I actually buy it to read? I love your books. I think I have all of your ebooks. You always come up with some great stories.

    Sitting on pins and needles while waiting.

    La Wanna …From the Heart onelonestar2011@hotmail.com 916.698.0839 – cell

    “Be strong & courageous. Do not be frightened or dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


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