ARC Team

It’s Monday and it’s basically time to put in work!!! I’m trying to go all in with my writing and making everything as efficient as possible for everyone who likes my books. In the coming weeks I will be fiddling around with the website to make it more appealing.

I will start sending out a newsletter also and put a subscription link in my new releases (and figure out how to do that here). I’m pretty much ready to buckle down and start writing lots of quality books. In doing so, I do need the help of my readers and that’s why I’m in need of an ARC Team. I’ve added a form here. Please fill it out, (takes like 5 seconds) if you would like to receive copies of my books before the release date in exchange for honest reviews.

Anyway, time to get down to finishing up the last chapters on my upcoming book His Everything before I delve into editing. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope some of you do sign up for my ARC team 🙂

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