News and new cover for old book.

DH-HisUnwantedVirgin-Amazon-NEW No. This isn’t a new book. I’ve re-edited (minor) Riding The Storm. Gave it a new cover and title to reflect the market today. So if you haven’t read this story, it’s back on Amazon. All my back titles that I re-upload will be at .99c

Update on other books.

I’m still editing His Everything and hope to send it to my editor next weekend. I will also post an excerpt sometime this coming week. After that for everyone who’s on my ARC Team, I’ll send out emails with the link to download the book.  I’m also still re-editing Twice His Age (Tempting Mr. Parker) and hope to have that up again in the coming weeks for anyone who has yet to read it. Have a wonderful week everyone 🙂

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