Release Date And Update

Hi everyone. First off, I’d like to say for anyone who’s on my FB friends list, just know I don’t post much not because I’m a social media snob, but honestly, it all comes down to me just being a bit of a natural introvert. Not just that but FB is a time killer, and I try to stay off so I can get as much writing as I can in.

His Everything is with my editor, and I anticipate having it back soon to give a couple more read-throughs. For my ARC team, I will send this book to you guys sometime in the coming week. I wanted to give you guys a two-week window to read it before I scheduled a release date, but I think it’ll be more like a week, week and a half. No worries.

As for the release date, I will put it at the 19th of May.  Once again. Thank you for all the lovely support. You guys are the best.

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