News and a bit of filth at the end.

I’m finally getting around to some things I’ve been putting off because of my busy schedule. The website should have a banner as soon as my designer finishes it up. Some projects that I started have been put on hold, some for now. Some indefinitely. I know so many people have asked me about the book about Zoe and Austin. I swear, guys I wanted to finish this. I planned on it, but I have to be honest right now I don’t see it happening.

Switching ‘genre’ so to speak, has been an eye opener and I realize I will have to work harder to grow and re-build an audience for my upcoming books. I’m not sure if I will stick to completely self-pubbing or use a publisher. Let’s see. All I know is, for those who stick around, I have some wonderful stuff planned. Even some darker romance with some really not so nice heroes! SO excited!!!

As for the ARC Team. I’ve decided to wait a bit until I regain an audience, then I will create a FB “Street Team” so to speak and give out Advance copies of my books by that route instead. You guys have been absolutely lovely and many thanks to those who continue to support me despite my books no longer being IR. Words aren’t enough to say how much I appreciate it. So stick around and see what I have up my sleeves.

And because as I was writing up this post I just saw a message from a reader about how awesomely alpha Maddox is, I just thought to share:


“Every time I see you get too close to another man. Anytime you ever give me reason to think I need to remind you who you belong to, you’ll think about this–whose cum is inside your mouth, your pussy and all over your body.”

Her slit is soaked in my semen and I can’t help but wonder if Jules has any idea how gorgeous she looks covered in…me. I sit next to her and dip my finger into the semen, rubbing it on her skin. I write my name on her belly.

My cock is jerking, reacting to all of this, but I ignore it. All I want is to stay here with Jules curled beside me, her adorable face wet with seed and seeking forgiveness.

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