Love Unspoken

Erotic, Contemporary, Western/Cowboys

Available from Evernight Publishing


Cole McKinney is a man down on his luck. Born without the gift of speech, he works tirelessly on a cattle ranch in southern Colorado to support his parents back home. While his days are spent attending to his duties, his nights are devoted to fantasizing and dreaming of the delicious ways he could lose himself inside the gorgeous and forbidden mocha beauty, Noelle Williams.

Noelle, the black sheep of her wealthy family, is fascinated and drawn to the rugged, yet silent cowboy who works next door. Torn between keeping her distance and laying bare her heart and body for his exquisite and passionate undertaking, Noelle must decide if she is willing to risk it all for the love of a man deemed unworthy by her father and society.

Excerpt (Adult content)

She doesn’t want you to fuck her, a voice inside his head mocked.

Gritting his teeth, he forced the truth away and stroked the curve of her hips with his knuckles. He felt the tension in her wan at the same time her cunt tightened over his cockhead, gripping him like a vise.

He pushed aside the bra and rolled a nipple between his fingers. Noelle shivered and lifted her hips. “Feels so good.”

So, she liked what he was doing. Cole strengthened his grip on the swollen base to prevent from sinking to the hilt within her. Let me in, beauty. Let me give you more.

She gripped his shoulder and whimpered. “I’ve thought about you so much, Cole. All the time, I kept thinking how it would be between us. How it would it would feel to have you…” She paused, parted her lips on a sigh and scratched her fingernails against his shoulder. “You’re so big.” She ran her fingers along the muscles on his back. “I don’t know if we’ll fit, but I think I’d want nothing more than to lie beneath you and feel you on top of me, your cock moving inside me so damn hard.”

He held himself still, deep within her entrance. He hadn’t expected such an explicit confession from her tonight. Not only did her words cause his chest to swell with pride, but it made the pressure in his balls tenfold, demanding release. Cole laced his arm around her waist, held her tight and flexed his hips, fucking her with the tip in firm, shallow strokes.

Her chest rose and fell with each thrust and once again her hand touched his face, gently stroking. “Cole,” she whispered on a breathy moan. “If I let you, how would you fuck me?” Her eyelids lowered then closed as she continued. “Would you fuck me deep, give all of it to me?”

Would he? Cole ran his hand over her belly. He’d fuck her so deep and give her his entire length she’d have no choice but to feel it all the way up to her little belly.

She cried out after realizing his meaning. “Would you…” He pumped again and her words died on a sigh. “Would you come inside me too?”

He nodded and pushed his hand into her hair. Cole bent his head to nuzzle the side of her face. Noelle. I’d come so hard inside your cunt, you wouldn’t have any doubt who you belonged to.

He smiled to himself as her pussy clenched around him. His hand went up to her lips tracing his fingers across them. Her mouth opened to capture his forefinger. She curled her tongue around it.

God in Heaven. To see those lips closing over his cock. He shut his eyes and pounded at her entrance. If only she would let him in deeper. But he wouldn’t take consent away from her. Never. Noelle knew what he wanted. He just needed her to give it to him, let him fill her until there was no space between them. She suckled hard on the finger and Cole felt her body become taut. He pushed another finger between her lips, his gut tightening at the sweet tugging sensation. She was about to climax. He’d seen that look in a woman’s eyes before.

He was going to make her come and he was the one responsible for the tiny tremors wracking her gorgeous frame. His cock twitched and his balls felt like it weighed a ton of lead. Didn’t say I could come inside her. Quickly, he pulled out and pressed his aching cock against her flat belly. Cole tilted back his head, making sure to keep that horrible sound at bay as his cum spewed out onto her stomach in milky ropes.

He lifted his head and saw the stunned expression on her face. She stared at him then cast her gaze to the satiny skin above her bellybutton, wet and shiny with semen.

Cole rose from between her legs, unable to look away from her stomach. I should have released in her, he thought, fully aware of the anger and hurt working its way in his heart, clouding his reasoning. He should have kept his cock between her labia, at least then she’d still have a part of him inside her and the look of regret sweeping across her features would be warranted.

He waited for her to say something to let him it was all right between them. That something had changed for the better. He was met with nothing but a blank stare before her gaze darted toward the now starry sky. He shook his head. Noelle was Noelle. A lost cause as he’d suspected.

He shoved into his clothes. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw her carefully pull her jeans over those lace panties and above her lush hips. She had her back to him as if he didn’t know every inch of her body.

Cole turned, openly watching her. She smoothed back the hair falling across her face. Her shoulders lifted a notch before she spun to face him full on. So he waited again. The silence stretched between them. Unable to bear it for a second longer, Cole knew he had to leave.

She held out her hand and tapped his arm as he brushed past her. “You won’t repeat what we…” A deep breath. “You won’t repeat what happened here to anyone, will you?”

That’s all she has to say to me? He stared at her and kept his expression schooled. It seemed he would have been better off accepting the previous offer from tonight. At least then he wouldn’t have to live with the memory of how good it felt to be so close to her.

He kept on walking. Let the bitch worry if he’d spread it all over the Somerset Ranch, how desperate she was for someone to touch her, how much she appreciated the attention of a big cock at her convenience.

38 thoughts on “Love Unspoken

  1. Cleo says:

    Okay Delilah, now was that a blurb? Could you not find it in your heart to give us a lil more? Can’t wait! Looking forward to another fabulous read from you!

    • delilahhunt says:

      LoL. Trust me Cleo. I really want to share more. I will as soon as I can. Right now I’m working on the edits my editor just sent to me. Once I send them back and get the second set of edits, then I’ll be able to post the excerpt 🙂

  2. Denise says:

    This is going to be a good book! I can’t wait until it’s released. Good luck and congratulations on your newest book. 🙂

  3. Denise says:

    I had to grab a National Enquirer to cool myself off after I read this…. Note to self don’t read while in line in Walmart. ;0

  4. Lala says:

    What a heart warming love story, I love that a differently abled man can be a main lead and be strong and all man.I particularly like how both characters have flaws that they believe shapes how the other sees them and that the other person would not be able to cope or love them because of it;this so happens in real life we hide who we are because we believe we are less than or not deserving.Excellent Ms. Hunt, I would love to read a follow up.

    • delilahhunt says:

      Thank you, Lala. I’m so glad you saw the characters for who they are and exactly how they felt. I love heroes with flaws, heroines too. But a less than perfect hero is my weakness. I would basically love to do a follow up of all my characters. They never go away and even well after the book is written, I still think of them. So you never know. Thanks so much for dropping by and letting me know you enjoyed the book. Always feed the inspiration!

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