Update to Arc Team

Just wanted to post a quick update. For everyone who has filled out the form, you’re on the team. Unless I personally send an email stating that I have enough reviewers, then you just need to sit back and wait for me to get my manuscript finished. I can be slower than I’d like sometimes #momlife.

If you haven’t subscribed to my blog, please do so, so you can get alerts because I will post info here about when to look out for emails with the book links. Thanks again for everyone who’s willing to help 🙂

Thank You

For everyone that signed up to be a part of my ARC Team, a big thank you. I’ve received the email and will contact you guys at least two weeks before the release date of my upcoming books, to give you enough time to read it. Emails will be sent with a link to different versions of the book based on your e-reader type. If anyone else is interested please fill out the form. You guys are awesome. Thanks again!!!

ARC Team

It’s Monday and it’s basically time to put in work!!! I’m trying to go all in with my writing and making everything as efficient as possible for everyone who likes my books. In the coming weeks I will be fiddling around with the website to make it more appealing.

I will start sending out a newsletter also and put a subscription link in my new releases (and figure out how to do that here). I’m pretty much ready to buckle down and start writing lots of quality books. In doing so, I do need the help of my readers and that’s why I’m in need of an ARC Team. I’ve added a form here. Please fill it out, (takes like 5 seconds) if you would like to receive copies of my books before the release date in exchange for honest reviews.

Anyway, time to get down to finishing up the last chapters on my upcoming book His Everything before I delve into editing. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope some of you do sign up for my ARC team 🙂

Sneak Peek-His Everything

Trying to have some fun with new novellas and wanted to share what I’m currently working on and hope to release at the end of April of beginning of May. I choose to use this pen name Demi Harper because while the work is the same Delilah Hunt style. I’m experimenting with first person and some fun, less drama filled sexy stories, that basically lets my muse go wild.

Sneak Peek (Rough draft)


I was used to women reaching out, trying to touch me all the time. It’s all part of the entertainment, part of what I signed up for. Just keep cool and stay focused, block it all out. But the thing was, Jules never did any of that. Once inside the cage, I looked out into the cheering crowd, and right then and there I saw her. She raised her hand in a shy little wave. Adrenaline pumped through my body, like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

Last night she mentioned that I hadn’t taken a hit in that fight. Maybe it was because of her. Seeing her there, this girl who once protected me…I wanted–needed to show her what I’d become. The man I was. My strength, raw and terrifying. In that moment I knew without a doubt I was going to fuck up my opponent, right in front of her eyes.

Taken By Three

DH-TakenbyThree-200x300Hi everyone. I just realized that I had received the rights back to some of the books I first published. If you’ve already purchased the Indecent Encounters Anthology (out of print) then you already have this short story. one. I just realized that I had received the rights back to some of the books I first published. If you’ve already purchased the Indecent Encounters Anthology (published 2011 and out of print) then you already have this short story.  I will be publishing some other short stories and novellas under this name. They might be different from the Delilah Hunt stuff, maybe, grittier, steamier. All depends on the muse. Might not be for everyone and Taken by Three is definitely more explicit.

Available on Amazon: This is a .99c thirty minutes or under read.

Kidnapped for revenge. Used for pleasure.

Evie is a good girl. A spur of the moment decision has her heading home with a man she’s just met. Nicholas Lawson. Shocked beyond her wit, Evie is terrified to see that Nick has taken a detour and she has become the victim of a kidnapping.

Nick, Zane and Ryder have been planning their revenge for months. Evie’s father sent Ryder to prison for a crime he didn’t commit and now the Lawson brothers are ready to slake their lust and anger deep inside Evie’s voluptuous body, making her their personal sex toy.

Can a captive win over her captors and find love in the end?

This book contains graphic, explicit language. If the word slut offends you or the notion of a kidnapped victim enjoying steamy sex with her captors, please ignore. If not then…. Happy reading!!

Facebook Giveaway

17077824_1083302031781552_1906220612_n If you haven’t read these two books (maybe you have a Nook) now’s your chance!!!  Two sizzling hot true redemption stories. Let Chase and Mason give you a taste of wicked. Theodora and I are giving away five copies of our books as a combined bundle. Hop on over to Facebook for your chance to enter.

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Hi everyone. I hope you’re all enjoying Falling For A Monster. This was a book that came to me suddenly while I was in the middle of writing a completely different book. FFAM became special to me, because as it got around to the end, I started to realize that perhaps this would be my last IR book… And it is.

As much as I love this genre, I believe my time has come to bow out and focus on other genres that are also near and dear to my heart. I will continue to write, a lot of the same type of stories I’ve been writing and explore some other themes I’ve yet to write about, in other romance genres. Once again, I’d like to thank you all for the tremendous support. It’s been a lovely ride 🙂