Twice Her Age

This book was formerly titled Tempting Mr. Parker. 

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The first time I laid eyes on Shakara, she was sixteen. I was thirty-seven.

She gave me the sweetest smile and I gave her the cold shoulder. I fell in love at first and knew I could never show.

Wanting a girl her age was wrong, a girl living on her own and also my little sister’s best friend. For three years I’ve carried on, pretending it’s not tearing me up inside, wanting this girl so much, yet unable to act on it.

Worse, after finding out Shakara has been stripping all this time, showing her body to strangers, I allow my temper and anger to get the best of me, hurting the only woman I could ever love.

I don’t know if an apology will ever be good enough to show Shakara how much she truly means to me or if I’ve completely lost out on any chance of happiness with her.

Warning: This is a sweet May-December romance with explicit and graphic language. Get swept away with Caden and his baby girl Shakara.