Wyoming Triple Heat

Interracial, Western/Cowboys, M/F/M/M

Siren Publishing: Available Now at Bookstrand and Amazon

Heat Label: Sextreme

Warning: Coarse Language, Triple Penetration, Spanking

Story and Adult (NC-17) Excerpts below.


Stranded for more years than she’d like in Oak Creek, Wyoming, twenty-two year old Alexa Grey is a virgin with three problems. Out of the blue, the Kincaid brothers show up on her doorstep requesting she move onto their ranch for unlimited access to her body. Lexie is stunned, angered and intrigued by three cowboys who threaten to overtake her emotions.

Wealthy cattle ranchers, Logan, Connor and Owen have decided the only way to prevent a rift between them, is to share the one woman they’ve each fallen for. Putting their plan into motion to have the fiery beauty belong to them, they invite Lexie for a week on the ranch. With her unbridled curiosity for sex, the only question is just what will it take to convince her to stay and trust them not to break her heart?

Story Excerpt:

“It’s your mother’s necklace, baby. Open it.”

In the back of her mind, she heard the husky tone of Connor’s voice, heard what he’d called her, but it was all just too much to think on. She had to see it for herself, know they weren’t playing with her. The pear-shaped diamond glistened beneath a row of ruby gemstones. Her throat felt tight. They hadn’t lied.

“How did you guys get it?” she asked softly. And why would they do this for me?

“It doesn’t matter. We knew it was important to you, and we weren’t blind enough to think Warren’s contract was legitimate.”

A tear fell from her lashes and then another. She didn’t care. The only thing she wanted to do right now was throw her arms around each of them.

Lexie beamed. “Thank you. I can’t believe you cared enough to do this for me. I assumed you all believed Frank instead of me because of…”

“Forget about it,” Owen insisted. “That’s the past, and we didn’t come here to discuss that asshole. Like Logan mentioned earlier, we have something important to talk about with you.”

The three of them were inching closer to her. “Am I in trouble?” She let out a giggle to lighten the mood.

“I don’t know, Alexa. You’ve been doing a number on us for quite a while.”

Lexie frowned in confusion, having fully expected at least some type of humor from them to reciprocate the banter. “Can I please know what it is you think I’ve been doing?”

Owen expelled a loud breath and shoved a hand through his low cut hair. “She doesn’t have a clue.”

The gratitude she felt toward them was quickly turning to fear and annoyance. She hated being in the dark. Everyone had kept her in the dark until she couldn’t help but notice her mother was dying. “I want to know what this is all about.” She clenched her jaw and rose from the couch.

“Relax, darlin’. Logan was only saying that for a while now, none of us have had a decent fuck.”

Her cheeks blazed, and yet she’d thoroughly enjoyed hearing those words coming out of his mouth. “So, what does that have to do with me?” They couldn’t possibly find a way to blame her for their lack of a love life.

“It has everything to do with you,” Logan rasped. “You’re the one we want.”

The muscles in her body froze, save for the pulsing between her legs ignited by his words. We want.

“Um, we who?” she asked innocently.

“The three of us. We want you to be ours.”

Lexie scanned the faces of the three men. Straight-faced, not a single line of humor to indicate she was the butt of a wicked joke.

“We’re not messing with you, Lexie. I know how weird all of this might sound, but fuck it, you have no idea how much we want to be with you.” His Adam’s apple bobbed, and his eyes went hazy. “How much I…we want to be inside you.”

Her eyes widened then lowered. The pulsing in her pussy intensified, the slickened walls clenching with need. She had to be as depraved as them to have become so aroused by Connor’s words.

“But you guys don’t even like me that much. You think I’m a thief. Logan wouldn’t even give me a…” She paused, remembering their warning to refrain from mentioning the job at the factory again.

“We like you. Way more than you think. There’s not going to be any more talk of you being a thief because you’re not, and no one thinks that of you. I don’t think of you like that. Are we clear?” Owen tipped her chin, awaiting her answer.

“We’re clear. So what do you guys want from me then? Are the four of us supposed to go on dates and stuff?” she asked, trying to make light of the situation. At least then they’d see how ridiculous it was. I mean, it was ridiculous after all, wasn’t it? She’d never even been with one man, much less three blond giants triple her size.

“We want you to belong to us,” Logan began. “We’ll give you everything you need, honey. Take care of you. All we ask in return is that you…” He paused and Lexie saw the subtle look that passed between the men before Logan continued smoothly. “We want to have sex with you and not just once.”

Her heart fell. “Oh. You mean you want me to prostitute myself to the three of you?” She arched a brow daring them to deny it. “It’s payment for the necklace, isn’t it?” Talk about feeling dumb. Why would they have done anything for her out of the kindness of their hearts? She thumbed the box, unsure what to do if they tried to take it from her.

“The necklace is yours. No payment involved. I swear it.”

Despite the sincerity she saw in Owen’s eyes, Lexie gritted her teeth and asked, “No strings attached?” Her hands tightened around the box.

“None,” they assured at once.

Adult Excerpt:

Above her, Owen let out a sharp breath followed by his large hand stroking the top of her head.

“Oh, God.” Owen turned to his brothers. “She’s a fucking natural.” He lowered his gaze to hers. “I saw how greedy you were swallowing my brother’s cum. Do you want more, Lexie? You want us to fill your little belly tonight?”

Her exposed cunt watered, soaking the insides of her thighs. Lexie jerked her head in answer and kept her mouth locked around his delicious cock, sucking to her heart’s content.

“Spread your legs wider.”

Logan’s gruff voice sent shock waves through her pussy just as she was savoring a warm drop of pre-cum. She looked up and saw he had opened his pants, sliding his hand up and down his penis.

“Do as he says,” Owen grated, flexing his hips and pushing his cock further along her throat passage.

She parted her thighs and Logan nodded his approval. “Your cunt is dripping, honey. It’s so pretty.” He squeezed the tip, leaking with fluid. “Feels so good picturing my cock inside you. Fucking and stretching that tiny cunt until we fit.” Logan grunted and pressed his head to the wall, his fist pumping unashamed.

Lexie suckled harder on Owen’s cock, wishing more than ever one of them would push her to the floor and fuck her. Her pussy was sopping wet and burning with the need to be filled, stretched as Logan put it. She darted her gaze at Connor who was busy unbuttoning his jeans. When his shaft popped out, she felt her eyes roll toward the back of her head, almost coming right then and there. He was slightly thicker than his brothers, matching them in glorious length that was curved toward his stomach, bright purplish veins running along the underside.

She could barely think when Owen tugged on her hair and withdrew, then pushed back in only to pull out once more. “Stick out your tongue, darlin’.”

Lexie didn’t think twice, the need to obey him, all of them, stood at the forefront of her mind…heart? She wouldn’t think on it now, only the hunger she had for Owen’s cock held firm within his grasp above her tongue.

“Giving you what I promised.”

Her breath stilled as hot ropes of semen splashed onto her tongue. Swallowing quickly, Lexie opened her mouth, and at Owen’s terse order to suck him deep, she locked her lips around the pulsating cock, drinking every drop of cum that spilled into her mouth.

The moment Owen withdrew his cock from her mouth Lexie heard Connor’s voice low and aching with need. “Come here. I think I’ve waited long enough.”

Not that she had to go anywhere. Owen stepped aside, and Connor moved in front of her, guiding his penis to her lips. She shifted her head, the wet tip brushing against her cheek from the subtle movement.

“I don’t get a turn with you, Lexie?” Connor lifted his brow and pulled his cock from beside her face.

Her heart quivered at the flicker of hurt that slashed across his features. She darted out her tongue and licked away a drop of pre-cum that was dripping along the base. Slowly rising, Lexie flattened her palm over his bare chest, kissing his washboard abdomen.

“I want you to fuck me,” she whispered, running her fingers along the fuzzy line of blond hair trailing downward toward his heavy shaft. Lexie hoped he wasn’t serious about what he’d said before, that she wouldn’t be able to take him.

25 thoughts on “Wyoming Triple Heat

  1. Kortny Alexander says:

    My gosh woman,
    Who doesn’t love triple penetration!! 🙂 I can’t wait to read this.
    Btw, can you mail that cowboy in the picture directly to my house. Don’t care if he can even speak English.

  2. Cleo says:

    Well, now that I have caught my breathe, I can say that you have a winner on your hands! Uhmm… again! Seriously, the blurb drew me in and I can’t wait for the release of this story from Siren. Congrats to you Delilah!
    Now, I must get a drink of cold water to put the fire out! 8P

    • delilahhunt says:

      Awe. Thank you Cleo. I don’t know about a winner, one can only hope! But all I can say is, I loved writing this book. It almost seemed as if it wrote itself because of how much I enjoyed these characters. I hope others will like their story too and it gets even hotter!

  3. Reecie says:

    I swear your ability to get in your characters’ heads leave me breathless. It’s like you can see everything from their unique points of view; not basing it on how the plot goes or from your own point of view.

    • delilahhunt says:

      After a while the characters develop a mind of their own. They lead, I follow and write what they want me to write. Well, that and the muse does contribute, lol.

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