Sorry for not being so active

To all my readers out there. I have to apologize. I’m at a point that I have to concede that the amount of obligation I have in day to day life has been preventing me from writing as much as I would like. I have my next book finished but I am just beat to reach the point of editing it. When I edit I need hours upon hours of editing and fine tuning. It’s just not possible right now and I don’t want to put out a book that I’m not proud to share. Throughout summer I will try my best to find time here and there.

Please know I am not disappearing, or no longer writing. Writing is my passion and I’m still doing so, just at a much slower pace than before. This has been hard to accept but it’s the right choice to keep my mind and physical health in shape because of exhaustion when I try to write at nights. Please bear with me and in the coming months I will have this book ready to publish. Thank you all. Once this phase passes, I have so many things bubbling inside my head to put out! Wishing you all a wonderful summer.

One thought on “Sorry for not being so active

  1. Maureen says:

    Hey Ms. D,

    Glad to hear you are ok. I (probably we), have all been where you are now, especially with young ones. Please take care of yourself first so you can be there for all of us later! While I am looking forward to your next book, but I would be sad if I never got to read another because something terrible happened to you.

    All the best,

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