Author Spotlight

Spotlight Time! Over the weekend I read Night of the Dragon by Alexandra O’Hurley, a paranormal menage. Alex is an amazing writer, her dialogue and descriptions drew me in, not to mention I’ve always been in love with stories featuring Berserkers. So, if you want to give a new series a try, then check out her excerpt and book here.


A Berserker Mate’s Story, 1

Ryden and Rayne are Berserkers, immortal warriors wrought of Odin’s lightning. They are cursed to walk the Earth for one thousand years without finding love. And then they smell her…

Karli is a manager for an amusement park, and during her daily tour, she runs across the most incredible men she has ever laid eyes on. The erotic visions swirling in her head push her to the edge, and she cannot ignore the two virile men.

But can anything develop between the Berserkers and their mate with a hunter sworn to keep them apart on their trail?

3 thoughts on “Author Spotlight

  1. Alexandra O'Hurley says:

    Thanks De! Glad you liked it. A snippet of Jakob’s story will be in Evernight’s Halloween antho — you don’t have to read it to follow the series, but it gives a little taste of Berserker until I can finish writing the next installment – which of course will be Joran and Jakob’s 🙂

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