Holiday cheers and Plans

OMG. What a holiday!!! DH made an awesome turkey dinner on Saturday, the first day of Christmas and I ate and ate. Of course then I woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible stomach ache from eating so much. Thank God I had some pills on hand. Yesterday we met up with his father’s side of the family to celebrate and ate a lot again. But this time I didn’t want to risk another stomach ache so I kept it under control. Lots of fun all around!! Hope it was the same, minus the stomach ache for everyone 🙂

And another OMG. I am just sooooooooooo excited to get started on Caleb’s story from Riding the Storm. All week long his story has been playing out in my head but last night it really hit me. Just about everything played out in my head and I was almost in tears for this heroine. Another strange thing, normally I fall in love with my heroes, but this time, it’s the heroine I am just absolutely in love with. She is so sweet and innocent and has been through way more than anyone should have to experience in a lifetime. Then to top it off, she has to deal with Caleb, who is egotistical and self indulgent. For anyone who has read Riding the Storm, yes at the end Caleb did end up sleeping with both women from the bar. He’s just that type of person. *Rubs hands together* Cannot wait to get this story written out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But of course I have to finish Jake and Charity’s story, which is still untitled. Also when it’s completed I’ll post the link where it can be downloaded.

So much to do. So many stories to write. So little time. But I love it. I haven’t written in over a week and it’s been good. I feel refreshed and like I can get back to the basics of just writing for the simple  joy of it, now that I’ve decided to slow down a bit. Hopefully that only help to produce an even better story 🙂

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