Happy Fourth of July!!! And another snippet

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Have fun outside, soak up the sun and enjoy those hot dogs and hamburgers. Me, obviously it’s a regular day here, same ol same ol. Oh wait…except I just found out that from the 15th to the 25th I’ll be away on vacation. (last minute deal) Hubby, the kids and I, my mother in law and sisters in law will be off to Mallorca. We went there last year and enjoyed it, so since we all desperately need to spend some time enjoying a real summer, everyone’s pretty excited about it. My goal is to have edits finished for Worth The Price before I leave so I can send it in to my editor for any other changes that needs to be made.

And on the topic of that. Here is another snippet until I can have a excerpt ready.

He kept coming at her, riding the stallion at a neck breaking speed despite her standing in plain sight. Midway of scurrying back, Danika let out a breath as the horse stopped short. The rude animal then whinnied inches before her face. She raised her head. The scowl on his face had transformed into an outright glare fixed directly on her. She couldn’t help but wonder if it was the same look he reserved for her father. 

“What was the point of that?” Danika gathered her wits, scowling right back. Just because she was on his turf didn’t mean he had to lord it over her.

With an ice cold gaze and jaws appearing hard as granite, Brandon peered down on her. He gathered up the horse’s reins, strapping them around his meaty fist. “Would love to know what you’re doing on my property.”

 The bravado she’d felt diminished by the second. “Well, good evening to you too, Brandon.” Think of your father, Dani. Everything he did for you. All alone. She stretched her lips into a smile, waiting and hoping he’d respond in kind.

Her effort seemed to irritate him even more. She heard him mutter a curse beneath his breath. The glare reverted into a scowl. Progress. Her shoulders sagged.

“Why are you on my ranch?” 

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