Release Day

Today’s the day at Evernight Publishing. Hope you guys enjoy the read. It’s supposed to be a nice today, so I’m headed over to the lake with the kids, feeling relaxed.

Guess that’s also cause, I’m finished with edits for Worth The Price and will send it off to my editor later today. On Monday I’ll start the next two books on my schedule while I wait to get back WTP. After I hear back from my editor, I’ll be able to know when a release date can be arranged. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

13 thoughts on “Release Day

    • delilahhunt says:

      Hi Denise. Wow, thanks so much for letting me know. I was kinda biting my nails, but if at least ONE person loves it, that’ll be good enough for me!!! Hopefully I can release Worth The Price soon 🙂

  1. Cleo says:

    Delilah, this was another beautifully written novella. I signed with happiness, a little sad it ended. I knew the potential of the couple, when I first read the excerpt last year. Each piece I read by you has shown your growth, and insight to romance. Each character is believable and I could taste the depth of emotion written in each scene ( I am going to stop myself now…smh, I could wax poetic forever about how I like your work). Thank you, I would have been happy to pay for this, cause I loved this couple from the beginning and loved their story. Really appreciate your hard effort to offer your readers quality work. Thanks.

  2. foosrock! says:

    Guten Tag, new fan here. Bought this and loved it. Keep penning such I/Rs with interesting heroes and heroines and I’ll keep purchasing.

  3. Becca says:

    Hi Delilah!
    Thank you so much for the Free read, I really enjoyed reading it and look forward to buying more of your work. I liked the chemistry between Jake and Charity and that the story flowed so well. I’m now going to get some more of your books ,and I’ve added you to my must have list!

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