His Everything ARC

ARCs have been sent out. If your name was on the list, please check your email for the link to download this file. Also, if for some reason you should have received an email and didn’t, please let me know in case something went wrong.

On the writing front. I’m still editing Twice Her Age, for re-upload. I had to put that on the backburner in order to have this new release ready. Afterward it’s back to work on Tempted To Touch and the second book in the Love Story series.

Release Date And Update

Hi everyone. First off, I’d like to say for anyone who’s on my FB friends list, just know I don’t post much not because I’m a social media snob, but honestly, it all comes down to me just being a bit of a natural introvert. Not just that but FB is a time killer, and I try to stay off so I can get as much writing as I can in.

His Everything is with my editor, and I anticipate having it back soon to give a couple more read-throughs. For my ARC team, I will send this book to you guys sometime in the coming week. I wanted to give you guys a two-week window to read it before I scheduled a release date, but I think it’ll be more like a week, week and a half. No worries.

As for the release date, I will put it at the 19th of May.  Once again. Thank you for all the lovely support. You guys are the best.

His Everything Excerpt

DH-HisEverything-Amazon-NEW I’ve posted an excerpt. As always it’s on the page heading and conveniently right here. I will have this ready for upload in a couple of weeks, but I can’t give a date yet until I have the editing completed and ARCS sent off. I hope you all like the excerpt, even though this isn’t IR.

News and new cover for old book.

DH-HisUnwantedVirgin-Amazon-NEW No. This isn’t a new book. I’ve re-edited (minor) Riding The Storm. Gave it a new cover and title to reflect the market today. So if you haven’t read this story, it’s back on Amazon. All my back titles that I re-upload will be at .99c

Update on other books.

I’m still editing His Everything and hope to send it to my editor next weekend. I will also post an excerpt sometime this coming week. After that for everyone who’s on my ARC Team, I’ll send out emails with the link to download the book.  I’m also still re-editing Twice His Age (Tempting Mr. Parker) and hope to have that up again in the coming weeks for anyone who has yet to read it. Have a wonderful week everyone 🙂

His Everything-Description/Blurb

Hi all. I’ve posted the description for this book on the page. Right here.

But to make it easier, I’m putting it out here.


Jules and I grew up together, living as brother and sister. Two different moms and the same drunk, abusive sorry excuse for a father Larry.

I’d always wondered why the old man and I couldn’t stand each other, until the day he let me know the truth–he wasn’t my real father.

When social workers finally took Jules and me away from him, she became adopted, and I bounced from foster home to foster home, landing myself in trouble until I wised up, trained like a beast and became an MMA champion fighter.

On the day Jules re-entered my life I took one look at her cute round face and luscious curves and knew I was a goner.

There’s not a damn thing brotherly about the way I feel for my girl. Jules belong to me, always has and I dare anyone to tell me what I feel for her is wrong or that we shouldn’t be together.

Warning: This is a sweet romance, light on the drama but packed with tension and explicit scenes. If this is your cup of tea, then make it a cold one. Enjoy!

New Cover and Update

I just got my lovely cover for my next book. This is the story of Maddox and Juliet “Jules”. I’m still editing this book and I guess it will take some more weeks seeing as how over the weekend I got the rights back to my older books and I’m now re-editing the first of many. The first one I will re-publish will be Tempting Mr. Parker. I’m working on a new title to reflect the publishing market these days and I’m also changing it out to first person narrative. The story will be the same, so need to re-purchase really.

As you can see this is another Delilah Hunt book. I’ve decided to simply continue with this name based on advice from other writers who have been there done that with pseudonyms and decided it wasn’t worth the hassle in the long run. So to save myself the headache and readers the confusion… I’d like to once again thank everyone for the new signups for my ARC team. You are all lovely and so supportive. I hope you’ll read and like my non IR stuff. I’m going for light on the drama, just a simple but tension-filled steamy love story with my upcoming novellas. Well, I’m off to continue my editing, while dealing with my crazy boys who are home from school on Spring Break 🙂DH-HisEverything-Amazon-NEW